Takeaway Leaflet Distribution

One of the best ways to promote your takeaway is by designing, printing and distributing takeaway menus. Takeaway menus are used to get new customers as well as getting your existing customers to order food again.
The delivery area for takeaway food is generally between within 8-10 Km radius of the business, this will vary depending on location, sometimes more densely populated areas have a much smaller delivery area. Generally the potential market for a takeaway is between 5,000 and 25,000 homes.

Some Takeaway Leaflet Delivery Tips

  • Good menu design will make you money
  • If you are in a densely populated area make your menu different and don’t just provide the same food as your competitors. Offer Specials that are only available at your  restaurant or takeaway, people love deals!
  • By distributing takeaway menus within your area you are reaching your clients directly and menus can be distributed using distribution companies economically, quickly and effectively. 
  • Ideally you want your menu as a solo drop: that is your printed menu is delivered door to door by itself. If you budget conscious shared leaflet drops are a great option too, try to ensure that you are the only food takeaway menu in a shared drop or if your takeaway menu can be on the top or bottom.
  • Be prepared for the volume of orders after the leaflet drop, we provide full reporting so you know when the phone will start hopping and you can have extra delivery staff on call.
  • Pick and plan your delivery postcodes, try to target the more affluent areas that will be more likely to order from your menu.
  • You could offer a new customer package where you offer decent discounts to get some new business. 

Some Recent Leaflet Campaigns for Takeaways

Leaflet Delivery Dublin

Dublin has almost half a million homes and we have been to every single one of them! Our pricing is lean and mean with extremely advanced reporting and marketing support.

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We provide nationwide campaigns to almost 1.5 Million homes the length and breath of Ireland. We use our own employees and avoid contracting any work out. 

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Business to business leaflet distribution is ideal for companies whose services benefit other businesses. B2B sales return a higher average ROI for your business. We will target those hard to reach businesses in an effective way.

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